Oswald Homes is one of the leading luxury home builders in Perth, building custom homes since 1972. They got in contact with The Marketing Republiq as they were not satisfied with the results that their previous agency was achieving. They didn’t feel a sense of trust between their brand and their marketers and needed to work with a team that reflected their family values.

Since the start of our journey with Oswald Homes, we’ve recorded more significant increases in website traffic with SEO performance improvement. We’ve collected data within eleven months of us working together to see what our achievements have been.

During this period, there were 79,839 results in total traffic to the website. 16.7% of that was people returning to the website again. But an astounding 83.3% was brand new traffic that had never visited the site before.

This performance growth is due primarily to SEO work where we were able to boost their website rankings and increased their traffic where SEO accounted for 52.92% of the overall traffic to the site within this time period. Results pay off when combining our knowledge and experience with optimising client’s websites on the search engine’s (Google, Yahoo & Bing).

SEO traffic accounted for 43,632 visits which were 52.92% overall website traffic to the Oswald Homes website in those eleven months.

We noticed a considerable amount of conversions between potential clients during that time with 695 conversions (phone calls and contact form enquiries completed), averaging at 63 conversions per month, which accounted for 41.27% of the total conversions on the website with that time period.

Our combined experience with Google Ads of campaign optimisation & management resulted in achieving even better results. In a five-month period, we recorded an increased Click Through Rate (CTR) from 1% to 6% and the Cost Per Click (CPC) reduced by $3.50 per click. On average, there were five macro conversions (phone calls and email enquiries) recorded each month.

We know how frustrating it can be for business owners to not get results while working with some agencies who may over promise and under deliver, trust us we’ve seen and heard it all! We were able to achieve a significant increase in organic website traffic and increased conversions through our digital strategies, all while upholding our values along the way. Through every step, we will always remain transparent with our clients and not make big promises that we cannot keep!