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Just started a new business? Welcome to the club, and congratulations! Have you got your business website set up yet? If so, we hope it’s more than a simple site with About Us, Services, and a shopping cart; it’s basic website design, yes. But your website needs to be so much more than that! For your website to drive leads and be findable on Google, you must optimise it for search engines and use proven CX/UX design principles to create a seamless user journey for your customers and visitors. It’s tough out there, but The Search Republic is by your side!

The Search Republic website design services

What can The Search Republic do for your website? Everything you need. Our skilled web designers have Google expertise and can build your website from scratch or update your existing site. 


Our team includes backend developers who deal with complicated stuff like plugin integration, server-side scripting and HTML coding, website CX/UX designers and SEO pros.


The members of our web design team are experts in their chosen fields. Combined, our team has over 85-years of experience in the digital marketing industry. So, you can be assured that when you partner with us, we’ll deliver a website built prepared for Google to find, process and rank.


The Search Republic also audit existing websites to recommend changes and ensure your website meets the following criteria:

  • Lead generation optimised website
  • Follows Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) best practices

  • Is optimised for mobile

  • Offers a solution to your ideal clients 

  • Contains strategic conversion points

  • Has a fast Page Speed while loading

How are our website designs different?

In our experience, a common problem for most businesses is that they have an aesthetically pleasing website, but it fails to meet the standards Google looks for and expects. Essentially, it’s a Ferrari without an engine; it looks impressive, but without anything to make it go—it’s pretty useless. 


Websites act as a digital shopfront for your business, and they convey your brand and introduce you to the world. That’s why it’s vital to ensure your website looks fantastic and works to attract traffic and uncover leads.


Our team often work with new clients that already have beautiful websites. However, they completely lack any fundamental conversion points, a critical error that negatively impacts conversion rates and sales. At The Search Republic, our websites draw on various digital marketing expertise, including website design, web development, user journey experience UX), customer experience (CX), and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).


Optimised web design and development means building a site that looks incredible and helps convert traffic, turning leads into loyal customers. Most importantly, however, a fully optimised business website is findable by Google. 


If your website isn’t findable on Google, you’re basically a billboard in the desert. — Sonja Pototzki-Raymond (aka Sonja  The Search Queen)


What does it take to be findable on Google?

Funny, you should ask; that’s precisely our speciality! Our founder and CEO, Sonja Pototzki-Raymond (you may know her as Sonja – The Search Queen), is a Google search expert. Sonja specialises in making businesses findable by their ideal clients on Google for the problems they solve.


Since 2018, Sonja has successfully generated over $150 million in sales for clients in Australia and worldwide. Sonja’s hands-on approach with you and our skilled web developers means together; we create and implement impressive websites that Google loves and will index.


The Search Republic’s web design process

We focus our web design processes on ensuring your business becomes findable on Google. How? You ask. Our website design centres on the problems your business solves for your clientele. For this, however, you need to know exactly who your target market and customers are and their wants and needs for you to be the solution they’re searching Google for. Once we understand what your potential customers type into their search bars, we can make your business website findable on Google.

To make your website easy to find on Google, The Search Republic implement a customised Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy within your website’s development, architecture and information.

If you hope to generate organic website traffic in today’s competitive online marketplace, you must use SEO as the backbone for any business model. Not entirely sure what SEO is? You can read more about this essential marketing tactic on our SEO Services page.

A truly successful website design needs to meet Google SEO requirements, utilise strategic conversion points, have fast page speeds during loading and implement UX/CX. And, to avoid having a striking billboard in the desert, mobile optimisation is essential. A billboard in the desert is what we like to call a stunning website not optimised correctly to reach the first page of Google’s search results. Your site may look fabulous, but it isn’t visible to anybody if they can’t find it on Google.

A website built by The Search Republic incorporates UX (user experience) and CX (customer experience) to ensure you convert people from Google. Websites work 365 days a year, and they never need sick days; so we don’t just make websites for the sake of it; we build and design them to ensure they become your best salesperson.

Did you know there are tools to see exactly how visitors browse and move through your website?
Our website development team create strategies around effective conversion points, allowing clients to reach you and enquire with ease. Our developers construct websites based on historical data and your customer behaviour, and we place conversion points where you are most likely to convert.

At The Search Republic our website development team build sites for speed and performance because we know you can’t keep potential customers waiting. Waiting for a website to load certainly isn’t a good first impression. Plus, a fast load speed means Google will prefer your website over your competitors and rank your business higher than them.

Nowadays, the world browses the web on mobile and tablet devices more than on desktops which is why we optimise all our websites for mobile. A website developed without mobile optimisation in mind will have limited reach. For your website to rank on Google, it requires several design and SEO practices to ensure the correct foundations are in place for search engines to read, understand, categorise and suggest your website in search engine results pages (SERPs).

How to find a good website designer?

A good website designer will have a portfolio of client websites for you to review. They should also adhere to all the website design practices mentioned above. If you meet with a website developer who fails to mention UX, SEO or strategic conversion points, it should raise concern. Do they really understand the importance of optimised website development? Does your website need some TLC? We all have areas in our business we can improve; our team is here to help you make sure your website isn’t one of them. You simply can’t afford it in today’s digital world. If you had a physical shopfront, you wouldn’t let it fall into disrepair, so why let it happen to your digital storefront. If your website isn’t delivering a positive brand experience, isn’t easy to navigate, or you need a website built, we’re here to help.




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